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The Medieval Engineers game world is an actual planet.

Earthlike[edit | edit source]



Day-night cycle:


Earth Second[edit | edit source]

Roads: Yes

Fast Travel: Restricted to unobstructed road grids


  • Steppes biome: Vast plains containing all kinds of resources like wheat and flax. The steppes are a nice starting area without too much difficulties to find the resources you need. You will commonly find copper and tin here, with the occasional patch of iron ore.
  • Tundra biome: A more sparse area with fewer resources, but the iron ore is more plentiful. Food is harder to find, mostly mushrooms and berries.
  • Karst area: The Karst area is a very dynamic terrain, made out of limestone. The limestone has lots of sinkholes for you to accidentally wander into, there are stories that some of them may even connect to others through caves...
  • Desert biome: In the Desert you will find lots of sand, sandstone and a few hardy cacti. The desert is one of the harder areas to play in, as food is not as plentiful as in the previous regions, but the vistas more than make up for it.
  • Arctic biome: Large snowy plains with a few trees here and there, the Arctic is one of the hardest regions to survive in. Food is scarce and only the hardiest engineers carve their existence here.

Day-night cycle:

NPC´s: Barbarians (Can be disabled)