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A list of the latest updates and Patch Notes for Medieval Engineers.

2016[edit | edit source]

No patches released on June, July and August: Medieval Engineers' Planets is being developed.

May[edit | edit source]

02.070: added "area building" (build with nearby resources) 24/05/2016
02.069: added portcullis 17/05/2016
02.068: added draw bridge 10/05/2016
02.067: added wooden gate. Ownership system in progress... 03/05/2016

April[edit | edit source]

02.066: bug fixes 26/04/2016
02.065: added stone axe, now tool type and material affects durability, and scrap wood is now wooden stick 19/04/2016
02.064: added the block research system, and the picking progress spinner 12/04/2016
02.063: small blocks are now crafted on the crafting table, and have different keys to be atcitaved/interacted or picked up 05/04/2016

March[edit | edit source]

02.062: changed intentory to work with slots that can stack 29/03/2016
02.061: bugfix, code rewrite, and changes do ModAPI 22/03/2016
02.060: bugfixes 15/03/2016

February[edit | edit source]

02.056: added critical value to stamina, and a quick equip key to torches 16/02/2016
02.055: added hit confirmation, and made mined rocks have different sizes 09/02/2016
02.054: added object highlighting 02/02/2016

January[edit | edit source]

02.053: bug fixes 26/01/2016
02.052: added houses (factions) 19/01/2016
02.051: added more multi-blocks 12/01/2016
02.050: added more multi-blocks, focus on large-base towers 05/01/2016

2015[edit | edit source]

December[edit | edit source]

02.049: added multi-blocks 29/12/2015
02.048: added crafting table. Complex items needs to be crafted in the table. The hand crafting is possible only for simple items. 22/12/2015
02.047: added progress bar to crafting, meals to craft with bonfire and bandages to craft in the character crafting menu 15/12/2015
02.046: added loot bag, so loot items are dropped organized inside one object. 08/12/2015
02.045: enhanced building process, making possible to build without using the ALT key, so only useful combinations can be built. 01/12/2015

November[edit | edit source]

02.044: added Medieval Master, a feature in which a normal player on Survival Mode can play as a Creative admin (but still mortal) 25/11/2015
02.043: added cooking system by bonfires 17/11/2015
02.042: implemented tool crafting from basic materials, and changed spawn carts so they disappear from multiplayer when the player disconnects 10/11/2015
02.041: added the option to join a Castle Siege game while it's running; also, now the server list show how much time remains until the end of the game 04/11/2015

October[edit | edit source]

02.040: re-factored model builder tool for modding, and added a checkbox to select inventories 27/10/2015
02.039 (feature freeze): added volume and individual mute to the voice chat, and ended feature freeze period 20/10/2015
02.038 (feature freeze): added new music, improved impact sounds between objects, and made rotation of objects quicker 13/10/2015
02.037 (feature freeze): added the ability to repair fractured blocks, and implemented damage of compound blocks only to the aimed parts 06/10/2015

September[edit | edit source]

02.036 (feature freeze): changed resources to be floating objects, and added the option to copypaste this type of objects 29/09/2015
02.035 (feature freeze): added stats info for consumable items, and distance indicator to chests shown in the inventory 22/09/2015
02.034 (feature freeze): added stamina to barbarians, and a way to manage items on the ground or nearby containers 15/09/2015
02.033 (feature freeze): changed stamina, rebalanced construction process and changed the starting season from winter to summer 08/09/2015
02.032 (feature freeze): added more graphics options, the hability to move food to the hotbar, and SHIFT inventory manipulation 01/09/2015

August[edit | edit source]

02.031 (feature freeze): bug fixing on castle siege and survival building 25/08/2015
02.030: added the option to move tools directly from the inventory to the toolbar, improved animation and started the feature freeze period 18/08/2015
02.029: improved barbarian AI and added deer meat, attack particles and hay and wooden roofs 11/08/2015
02.028: added barbarian night waves (with loot), sword and sounds of blocking with all tools 04/08/2015

July[edit | edit source]

02.027: added the crossbow and changed the consumption of stamina 28/07/2015
02.026: added respawn cart and more construction models 21/07/2015
02.025: added support to run castle siege on dedicated servers, and more construction models 14/07/2015
02.024: added health, stamina and food, and more construction models 07/07/2015

June[edit | edit source]

02.023: added inventory system and more construction models 30/06/2015
02.022: added edible elements, more construction models and a simpler way to recharge catapults 23/06/2015
02.021: added survival construction system 16/06/2015
02.020: added Castle Siege mode 09/06/2015
02.019: added in-game voice chat 02/06/2015

May[edit | edit source]

02.018: added new block damage system, decals to show the damage and lockable rope drum 26/05/2015
02.017: added new command system for peasants 19/05/2015
02.016: added support to Xbox controllers, peasant sounds and tree roots 12/05/2015
02.015: added multiplayer, but it will be soon changed to a new system (Raknet) 05/05/2015

April[edit | edit source]

  • 02.014 (28/04/2015): added more roof tiles and big radius platforms;
  • 02.013 (21/04/2015): added more round walls, and slopes and top blocks;
  • 02.012 (14/04/2015): added miner peasant AI and new diagonal variants of blocks;
  • 02.011 (07/04/2015): added deers and new types of roofs;

March[edit | edit source]

  • 02.010 (31/03/2015): added tree logging, axe and storage units;
  • 02.009 (24/03/2015): added object manipulation, peasants and fog;
  • 02.008 (17/03/2015): added pickaxe, night/day cycle, rag-doll and several blocks;
  • 02.007 (10/03/2015): added torch, hammer and mace;
  • 02.006 (03/03/2015): added survival mode, new settings panel and a bunch of new blocks;

February[edit | edit source]

  • 02.005 (24/02/2015): added barbarians;
  • 02.004 (19/02/2015): added more blocks and new features;